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Finding the best kitten name for your little one can take some time. He or she (and you!) will have to live with it for many years, so make sure it is a good one!

You can visit any of these pages to help you find your best kitten name:

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How Did You Name Your Cat?

 People come to these name pages for ideas, so if you have a cute  name, unique or funny names for kittens, or what you think is the best male name or girl name, please share! 

If you have a cat with that name, tell us why you gave him or her that name.

Does she have beautiful markings or fur? Tell us what she looks like.

Is he wild? Tell us about the crazy trouble he gets into!

orange and white kitten chewing sandals

Is she sweet? Share about the times she snuggles on your lap in the evenings and looks up at you with such love.

Is he very shy? Why does he give love to you and no one else in your home?

Let us know how your cat lives up to his name everyday!

Do you have more than one cat or kitten? Tell us about their names, and the special bond they share with each other and with you!

Share why your cat is so special, and how he came to be a part of your life. Was he rescued? Found under the deck?

Is he a moggie from a rescue shelter, or is he a registered purebred?

Everyone loves to read stories about other people's pets.

Submit at least a 50-word story and you will have your very own webpage on this site!

You can share photos too!

Share your kitten name story by filling in the form below. We look forward to hearing from you and your kitty!

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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My cat Percy is so cute it climbs trees a lots, it licks you, it purrs it is so so so so so so so so so so cute!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ …

My Beautiful Zorro 
Zorro was born under my back deck, and when his litter was old enough to run away from me he was the only one I was able to catch! His mama is a wild …

Darien Rin 
My husband wanted to name our black with a white spot on his chest kitten "Tux" but I just didn't like that. I thought about the fact there was a black …

Swiffer Not rated yet
Our kitten was black and very hairy. My son wanted initially to call it Puss'n boots, but the kitten didn't have boots. Since the kittens disposition was …

My Cats by Elaine Not rated yet
Well this is a funny story-- I had gotten my cat 2 years ago and when I got her she was in the sun and she had a yellow hue to her fur so I named her …

Babykins Not rated yet
We brought home a sweet tiny kitten one night an he was so small he fit in the palm of your hand, little did we know he was a Maine coon that grew to be …

Edan Ryu Not rated yet
The vet told us that Darien Rin needed a little brother to play with, so I started searching to find a white kitten to go with our black …

Kloe Not rated yet
Rescue Kitten Given a Second Chance in a House of Love We named our kitten Kloe. We spelled it Kloe with a "K" because she is that special. …

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