Cat Window Perch and Shelf Reviews

A cat window perch offers everything your cat or kitten prefers--a great view of the goings-on outside and a cozy spot off the floor.

After all, cats love (almost) nothing more than to lay in front of a sunny window for a snooze!

I've scoured the market to find the highest-quality cat window perch reviews and have listed the best of them below.

I've listed pros and cons for each cat perch, along with links if you decide to look into each one more thoroughly before you purchase.

CD Pets Large Padded Cat Window Perch

Burmese cat laying on cat window shel

With the Large Padded Cat Window Perch you get what you pay for with convenience and strength.

This cat window perch comes with a 1-inch comfort foam pad and carpeted supports. It is so sturdy, cats can jump on it without feeling any movement.

It is removed from the window easily, simply by unclipping. No Velcro or screws are needed for installation.

The carpeted supports may not be the easiest things to look at, but they can become a makeshift scratching post if the perch is not placed too high—one more appropriate scratching surface is a good thing!


Extremely stable: clips to the track of the window itself

Easily removable since no hardware is required

Holds over 20 lbs

Deep enough for cats that like to sprawl


Bulky, unsophisticated design

Low-grade carpet covering


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Lazy Pet Window Chaise

Orange cat laying on cat window shel

This sophisticated Lazy Pet Cat Chaise is as popular with cats as it is with their owners!

The side bolsters give cats a sense of security without blocking their view, and the steel construction isn’t found very often in cat window perches.

Most who buy this perch say that a little extra weight support is needed (more Velcro, use of the screws, etc.) but once in place, can hold over 20 pounds of cat(s).


Cute Design, looks like a miniature piece of furniture

Supported by sturdy steel construction

Thick foam cushion

Soft, micro-suede bolsters


Velcro should be stronger, but attaching more seems to work

Foam inside of perch may need to be replaced after a lot of use

Learn more here

Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed

calico looking out window on cat window perc

The Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed is a great choice if your windows will not accommodate a standard cat window perch.

The versatility means you can try it in different spots to see what your cat prefers, or since it is so affordable, you can get several for different rooms in your house.

Monitor your cat’s behavior around it in the beginning to make sure the wires are not going to be a hazard.


Very economically priced (less than $20)

Suction cups allow perch to attach to any part of a double-paned window or sliding glass door—no window sill needed

Extremely Stable, supporting up to 50 lbs

No screws needed, easy installation


Takes some time to put together

Perch takes up more vertical space on the window, due to attached wires

Wires could be a safety concern

Learn more here

K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe

long haired cat laying on cat shel

The Kitty Sill Deluxe comes with a padded bolster for extra coziness and windowsill protection from claws. The fleece padding is easily removed and machine washable, and the bolster has a cute kitten pattern on it. Overall, the K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe is very well-reviewed.


Very sturdy and good size to hold heavy or multiple cats

Adjusts for different sill heights and widths


Comes with Bolster or Optional Zip-On Hoodie (Hoodie Costs Extra)


Velcro could be more heavy-duty—the screws it comes with may be necessary

Longer Assembly time

Brackets are plastic, mostly decorative not supportive

Learn more here

Ware Cozy Kitty Window Perch

Padded cat window perch with black and white ca

The orthopedic foam in the Ware Kitty Window Perch helps ensure that it will keep its shape much longer than other products.

Assembly is quick so your kitty will be “window surfing” in no time.

Comes with Velcro, but optional screws may need to be used for heavier cats or “jumpers.”


Holds up to 25 lbs

Adjustable for multiple window sill sizes and depths

Orthopedic foam covering

Cover is removable and washable


Additional reinforcement may be needed

Learn more here

J.H. Smith Company Double Kitty Shelf

orange cat looking out window on cat shel

This compact Double Kitty Shelf measures 24x12, which is just right for a tight space or apartment.

The fleece covering is fully machine-washable, and the shelf is easily assembled.

Some additional reinforcements may be needed for larger cats, but overall this cat window perch is highly recommended.


Economically sized for smaller rooms or apartments

Sturdy design with metal supports


Fleece covering somewhat flimsy

May be too small for multiple cats or larger-than-average cats

Learn more here

The Refined Feline Cat Cloud Cat Shelves

cat sitting on cat wall shel

Though not a window shelf, the Cat Cloud Wall Shelf is a great idea if you prefer a more streamlined look to your home.

The shelf practically blends in to the wall until your cats are sitting on it! If you remove the pads, you wouldn’t even know it was meant for cats.


Artistic design blends in with your decor--several colors available

Extremely durable and sturdy with 2 shelves

Removable padding

Holds up to 70 lbs.


Requires heavy-duty mounting (hardware included)

Shelves may not be big enough for extra large cats

Learn more here


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