Cute Coloring Pages of Kittens-
Print for Free!

Kids will enjoy these cute coloring pages because all children are little artists!  

The best thing about these coloring pages, is they can be printed out over and over, for free!

kitten in garden with butterfly

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kittens and yarn

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mama cat with baby kitten

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naughty kitten

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Cute Coloring Pages are Better Than a Book 

When we were kids, we (or rather, mom and dad) would buy us a coloring book, and once one page was done, that was all there was.

Thanks to the internet, color pages can be printed over and over again, so your child can experiment with different techniques and colors on the same image!

Projects you can Create with Kids

  • Cut out the shapes and glue them to construction paper to make greeting cards.
  • Decoupage them to the front of homemade book covers, picture frames, or keepsake boxes.
  • Cut the kitten shapes out and glue them to cardstock and popsicle sticks to make puppets.

There is no limit to what can be created from these coloring pages!

Does your child have an aptitude for writing? Encourage him or her to color in one of these kitten coloring pages and when finished, write a short story or poem to go along with the picture (or pictures.)

Other Good Stuff

If you are thinking of getting a kitten for your home, or recently got one, talking with your small child while he or she is coloring (and focused) is a good time to teach him or her how the kitten should be treated.

These cute coloring pages, while being fun, will help children develop sensitivity to animals, especially if this is their first pet. It is a great learning experience.


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