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Cat Suckling

QUESTION: Hi, I adopted a 5 month old boy kitten, he has settled in well with my 7 month old boy. However he has started to suckle on the older cat? My

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7 Week Old Kitten Hisses and Attacks Me

QUESTION: I have a 7 week old kitten who is very playful, has loads of tunnels and cat mobiles to play with and in fact he seems to have more toys than

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In November of 1995, my mother turned 50 years old. We had a big birthday party at my parents house, which was in a very rural, secluded, and wooded

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My Kitten's Diet?

QUESTION: Do you recommend a raw or commercial dry diet? Also could you estimate my kittens age? The shelter said they were unsure. ANSWER: If cost isn't

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Domesticating Outdoor Kittens

QUESTION: My new kittens used to live outside where they could use bathroom anywhere, but now that I've adopted them how do I get them to use the litterbox?

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Beer and Bacon

I am hopefully going to be able to find and afford a really good food since Bud is my only kitten but so far (drunken friends gave it to him before I

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Irrresponsible, Cruel Neighbor

We had just found out that our neighbor has moved here recently, abandoning at least TWENTY-TWO cats at his last residence! Unfortunately, when he had

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Raising Kittens: A Care Guide for the New Kitten Owner

Raising Kittens: A Care Guide for the New Kitten Owner is a complete insider's guide to feeding, training, and socializing your new kitten. Instant Download!

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Kitten biting us

QUESTION: What can we do to stop our kitten from biting? We found Shira at about 6-7 weeks old by a fishermans' wharf. She is now 3 months old. She loves

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Bloated Kitten

QUESTION: My kitten is really bloated all of the time, he is nearly six weeks old and the vet says that it is nothing to worry about - but I'm still worried!

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Spaztasia My Love Bug

Spaztasia is a fun loving little girl kitten. She is only 4 months and she is calico/tiger mixed. She was the runt--as you can tell she is tiny. :)

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Ferdinand & His Binki his Stuffed Ferret

Ferdinand is only 4 months old but he loves nothing more than to lay in his daddy's arms with his binki (his stuffed ferret) and go to sleep. :) When

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How to Feed Your Cat-An Indexed Guide to Your Cat's Nutrition

How to feed your cat. Look no further for cat nutrition information! Find out the best kitten foods, best canned cat foods, preventing food allergies and more!

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Newborn Kittens-Overview of Kitten Care for Newborns

Newborn Kittens. Top tips on newborn kitten care, how to hand feed, bottle feeding kittens, plus many more topics for a healthy happy cat.

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Care of Newborn Kittens-Kitten Diseases

Care of Newborn Kittens. Raising Kittens from newborns to adults. Includes training tips, how to feed your cat, best kitten food advice, and more!

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