On Behalf of Our Kitten Kloe

by Kloe, Jerri and Bruce

Thank you for this information!

I hope all who read understand how difficult our lives would be without our finger tips and toes.

The toes of a human being are what allow us to walk. They provide us with balance and without them, we would fall down everyday all day.

The human hand without fingers would mean we would have never been what we are today. Mankind would never have been part of planet Earth's history.

It is my opinion that anyone who would ask for or perform this procedure should go to jail.

Can you imagine if we were controlled by another species and they did this to us and we could not prevent it from happening??

We are the care takers of our planet and all that inhabit it. I clicked on this page thinking it would say this act is against the law.

My heart goes out to every kitten that has had this done to them. My wife and I would not be friends would anyone who found this an OK thing to do.

Love from Kloe, Jerri and Bruce.


Thank you, Bruce.

I am glad you found this information valuable. I hope that if more people are aware of the surgery details of declawing, there would be fewer kittens and cats that have to live through it.

I believe that most pet owners want what is best for their furry friends, and if they knew the details and positive alternatives they would choose against the practice.

I hold accountable the veterinarians who perform this--they know full-well what the surgery entails and often downplay it to their clients, equating it with a spay or neuter surgery.

A mentality that leads them to say "Well, since little Bonkers is going to be under sedation anyway, let's just declaw him at the same time."

It is infuriating what these vets will do for extra money. I mean, we expect human doctors to pad their bills, but vets completely take advantage of our trust because we expect them to hold themselves to a higher standard--and they know this!

This is not to vilify the many great, caring veterinarians out there. Hopefully they will have their business increase as more and more pet owners leave the "tricksters" behind.

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